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Antenna Matching Services

Real antennas do not usually have an impedance of 50 ohm across the whole frequency band. Since the impedance of an antenna is affected by the surrounding objects, changes of components in the device may detune the antenna and require retuning: e.g. PCB size, battery, loud speaker, microphone, cables, filters, casing material and paint, transmission lines, connectors and user and user environment.

By adding a matching circuit, the antenna impedance is modified so it is closer to 50 Ohm, thus minimising the return loss.

Antenova M2M’s Matching Service includes:

  • Fitting of a cable to the device (NB: customers are advised that the device case is likely to be damaged in order to perform the service and the device may not work after integration)
  • Fitting and optimization of the matching circuit to cover the frequency range specified by the customer
  • Losses in the matching circuits are simulated and minimized to deliver the highest antenna efficiency
  • The matching circuit will comprise of components selected by Antenova M2M.(NB: Antenova M2M can accommodate customer selected components for the test but the customer must supply a development kit of parts. And it should be noted that the performance may not be as good.)
  • A brief written report showing the return loss that was achieved.

Antenova M2M recommends that in conjunction with the matching service the antenna gain/efficiency measurement be performed. We also offer this service using state of the art test equipment and facilities.

To request more information about Antenova M2M’s Matching Services click here