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As wearable technology brings smart watches and new gadgets for sports, entertainment, and safety, Antenova is designing new flexible antennas and miniature antennas that perform well close to the human body, for use in all kinds of consumer devices.

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1559-1609 MHz: Active Sinica – all-in-one GNSS antenna

This compact, all in one active GNSS antenna with built-in LNA and filter, boosts the signal to the […]

1559-1609 MHz: Beltii, miniature GNSS antenna

Beltii operates with all global public satellite constellations, and at 15.6mm x 3.3mm x 4.4mm, will be one […]

1559-1609 MHz: Robusta non-detuning antenna for metal surfaces

Robusta is a very low profile GNSS antenna designed to work on metal surfaces. It uses Antenova’s own […]

2.4 – 2.5 GHZ / 5.17 – 5.84 GHZ: TROGONA DUAL-BAND WI-FI ANTENNA

SMD mounted antenna for all dual-band Wi-Fi applications. Trogona only needs a small ground plane and integrates into […]


A small 2.4 GHz antenna for short range WLAN applications requiring a space saving but high efficiency antenna.   […]

2.4 GHz: SERICA SMD antenna

Serica is a small antenna for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and ISM. A useful antenna that doesn’t need to be […]


An extremely small compact ceramic antenna for all 2.4 GHz applications – just 1mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm, with simple […]

2.4GHz: ZENON non de-tuning antenna

Zenon is an antenna that works on metal surfaces. It uses Antenova’s own layered technology to resist de-tuning […]


An ultra compact ceramic solution for high bandwidth Wi-Fi applications in the 4.9-5.9 GHz spectrum, conforming with the […]

433MHz: Inca – small antenna with high gain

A flexible antenna for small devices in the 433MHz band, ideal to use with low power modules. It […]

4G / LTE, 3G: Inversa – compact high performing antenna

Inversa is a high performing diversity antenna for 4G/ LTE, and its small size makes it suitable for […]

Cellular, 3G, LTE and MIMO: Similis SMD antenna

A useful antenna with an exceptionally low profile – it’s just 1.6mm high. It is ideal for 3G […]